1. Testing period (only for 12days)

December 29 the (Thurs), 2022 - January 9th (Mon), 2023

Reception hours 9:30am - noon, 1:30pm - 3:30pm

※ On the date of the examination, go to the venue and apply.

※ The number of acceptance per day is limited. If its number reaches the capacity, you will not be able to have the test on the day.

   80cases /day for January 4th~6th 

100cases /day for December 29th~January 3rd, January 7th~ 9th

2. Venue for Testing

  JR Iwaki Station North-South Free Passage

※ There is no heaters at the venue. Please wear warm clothes when coming.

3. Those Eligible

Those who don’t have no symptoms (are not unwell) and also apply for the following any conditions.

•Those who have not been vaccinated against the Omicron variant and who wish to be tested in order to travel or return to their hometown (In principle, testing of the pre-departure)

•Those who are vaccinated against the Omicron variant but are required to be tested to meet the elderlies or people with underlying diseases.

•Fukushima residents who are worried about infection and wish to be tested

Only those who can take their own specimens can be tested.

※ For details, please see the city's website.

Opening of Temporary Free Testing Base at Iwaki Station【12/29~1/9】| Iwaki City Hall(iwaki.lg.jp)

※ For other places except Iwaki City Station, please check the Fukushima Prefecture website.

Opening of Temporary Free Testing Bases - Fukushima Prefecture Home (fukushima.lg.jp)