The IIA holds the special online programs for those preparing for the N2 JLPT.

Please refer to details on the IIA’s website and apply via the “application form”.

【Special programs for the N2 JLPT.】

 <When> August 20th- November 26th (15 lessons), 1:30pm~3:30pm (Saturdays)

 <Where> Online lessons (ZOOM)

 <Who> 20 people (Those who have the N2 JLPT)

 <Applying> April 1st – May 20th

 <Fee (including tax)> 10,000 yen for IIA Members (those who paid 3,000 as membership fee)

                     20,000 yen for Non-Members

 <Teacher> Ms. Kyoko Nagashima (Chairperson of Fukushima Multi-language Forum)

 <Proficiency check (Conversation ability check)> A teacher checks Japanese language ability of applicants while talking online with them.

   Those who attend special programs (15 lessons) or trial programs are required to take the proficiency check. Please choose lesson time (A or B or C) you wish to attend. If there are not the convenient time for you, please consult the IIA.

A. May 23 th (Mon), 6:00pm-7:30pm 

B. May 25th (Wed), 2:00pm-3:30pm 

C. May 28th (Sat), 1:30pm- 3:00pm

【Trial programs for the N2 JLPT.】

<Date & Contents> ※If none of these dates are suitable for you, please consult the IIA.

1st lesson: June 11th(Sat) for words, vocabulary, grammar (Language knowledge)

2nd lesson: June 18th(Sat) for reading, listening

 <Time> 1:30pm~3:30pm  (online lessons)

<Fee (including tax)>  Free for those attending the special programs

                     2,000 yen (2 lessons) for those attending only trial programs

 (On the case that apply for special programs after attending trial programs, 2,000 yen will be not returned to participants.)

  <Proficiency check> Those who attend only trial programs are also required to take the proficiency check.