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With the spread of COVID-19 keeping everyone indoors, have you found there are

less and less chances to take photos? Why not take the opportunity to acquire some

new photography skills, and learn how to capture your surroundings and scenery as

photogenically as possible!

Instructor Justin Bingham, who loves Iwaki, will offer lectures online in English,

from Chiba prefecture.

Date and Time:  Tuesday, October 12th, 2021, 6:30pm-8:00pm

How to Participate:  Course will be conducted live, exclusively on

Zoom. Please be sure that you have a smartphone, and other devise

capable of joining Zoom.

Cost:  Free for members, 500 yen for non-members

Application Deadline:  Thursday, September 30th

Other:  Course will be conducted in English, with interpretation


We hope that you’ll be able to get out and take beautiful photos of your favourite spots soon!

You can apply using the form on the IIA’s homepage.