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The 20th Annual Iwaki Global Citizens’ Festival will be held on the 23rd of November. This year, the speech contest will be held by video streaming (the same as last year’s) in order to prevent spread of COVID-19.

Anyone with non-Japanese ancestry who lives, works, or goes to school in Iwaki City can apply for the contest.

This year, we would like you to make a speech in Japanese about “Your unforgettable experiences in Iwaki”.

Video Speech Contest for Iwaki Residents with Non-Japanese Ancestry

                         *Schedule and other details may be subject to change.

Time & Date:   Tuesday, November 23rd (Public Holiday), 1:00pm-4:00pm

Venue:           チームスマイル・いわきPIT(Team Smile・Iwaki PIT)  5-13 Negi-machi Taira Iwaki City

               ※On the day of the event, we ask that only participants enter the venue, without accompaniment.

Theme:         “Your unforgettable experiences in Iwaki” – any events that made you feel, happy, sad or surprised.

Conditions:     Anyone who lives, works or goes to school in Iwaki City and who is either of foreign nationality or

has non-Japanese ancestry ( i.e. anyone whose first language is not Japanese) may participate

  • There are two entry categories: a general category, and one for students attending higher education institutions.
  • The speeches must be done individually (by 1 person only).
  • Speaking time is 5 minutes in total.

※Please keep speeches within 5 minutes, including your self-introduction, etc.

  • Staff will record your speech on video.

Judgement:     On the day of the festival, the recorded speeches will be broadcasted and uploaded onto YouTube


The winner will be decided according to the contents of the speech.

※Speeches will be judged according their contents, rather than Japanese skill level.

Prize:   The first place winners of both categories will receive a certificate and 20,000 yen prize money

  • There will be other various prizes available and everyone will receive a prize for participation.

Applications:   Please fill in the requirements on the application form on the IIA’s website (http://www.iia-fukushima.or.jp) to register for the contest.

※ More detailed information about the contest will be sent to you at a later date.

Deadline:      Wednesday, September 15th   

Requirements:  Name, Address, Age, Gender, Nationality, Status of Residence, Number of Years/Months living in Japan, Email Address, Phone and/or Fax Number, Contents of your Speech, Grade at School and Name of School/Workplace

Sponsorship (Inquiries):

- Iwaki City Non-Governmental Association for International Relations and Cooperation Association

                  Iwaki Global Citizen’s Festival Registration Section

                   Office: NPO The People  13-6 Kimigazuka-cho, Onahama, Iwaki City  〒971-8168

Tel: 0246-52-2511     Fax: 0246-92-4298     Email: the-people@email.plala.or.jp              

Co-sponsorship:  -  Iwaki City                 

Support:         -  Iwaki Chamber of Commerce

Scan this QR Code to watch last year’s contest.

International Video Performances Wanted!

We are currently searching for groups or individuals interested in submitting videos of up to five minutes, featuring international song and dance. The number of performers is restricted to up to 3 groups. If there are too many applicants, performers who can participate in the festival will be decided by the executive committee of the festival. Performance videos will be streamed between speeches during contest, as well as uploaded to YouTube.