As of 31st May, 2021

「いわき市防災メール」 “Iwaki City’s Disaster Management Email Alerts

 Iwaki City will send you emergency information for major disasters such as typhoons, earthquakes and tsunamis if you register for “Iwaki City’s Disaster Management Email Alerts”

【How to register for “Iwaki City’s Disaster Management Email Alerts”】

仮登録(かりとうろく) Temporary Registration

<Registration by PC>

・Please send a blank email to by searching for “いわき市防災メールサービス” (Iwaki City’s Disaster Management Email Alerts). You don’t have to write anything in the email.)

<Registration by smartphone>

・Please send a blank mail by the scanning the QR Code on the right.

本登録(ほんとうろく) Registration (You need to register the requirements)

  1. An email for registration will be sent to the address that you registered.
  2. Click the URL link written in the email for Registration, then click the “Accept「同意」” button after reading the Site Policy.
  1. Click the “Confirmation「確認」” button after marking the information which you want to receive.
  2. Click the“Registration「登録」” button after checking the contents
  3. You will receive a “ Registration Completion Email 「登録完了」”, if the registration is completed.

Contents of Notice

Please choose the items of notice which you want to receive. As there is lots of information, you should only mark the most necessary ones. We recommend you to choose the items with the "※" mark

  1. 気象注意報(きしょう ちゅういほう) Weather Advisory                               
  2. ※ 気象警報(きしょう けいほう) Weather Warning                                     
  3. ※ 気象特別警報(きしょう とくべつけいほう) Emergency Weather Warning               
  4. ※ 地震情報(震度4以上) (じしんじょうほう しんど4いじょう)                       Earthquake Information (Seismic intensity 4 or higher)                                                                               
  5. 土砂災害警戒情報(どしゃさいがいけいかいじょうほう)                            Landslide Alert Information                                                       
  6. 竜巻注意情報(たつまきちゅういじょうほう) Tornado Advisory                         
  7. ※ 津波注意報(つなみ ちゅういほう) Tsunami Advisory                              
  8. ※ 津波警報(つなみ けいほう) Tsunami Warning                                    
  9. 大津波警報(おおつなみ けいほう) Major Tsunami Warning                       
  10. 指定河川洪水予報(していかせん こうずいよほう) Designated River Flood Forecast      
  11. 記録的短時間大雨情報(きろくてき たんじかん おおあめ じょうほう)                Recorded Short-Time Heavy Rain Information                                     
  12. 東海地震予知情報(とうかいじしん よち じょうほう)                         Information about Tokai Earthquake Prediction         
  13. 火山情報(かざん じょうほう) Volcanic Information                               
  14. ※ 国民保護情報(こくみん ほご じょうほう) Civil Protection Information
  15. ※ 高齢者等避難開始(こうれいしゃ とう ひなん かいし)                            Begin evacuating if you’re elderly or ill etc.
  16. ※ 避難指示 (ひなん しじ) Evacuation Order
  17. 河川水位情報(かせん すいい じょうほう) Information on River Water Level
  18. ※ 原子力災害情報(げんしりょく さいがい じょうほう) Nuclear Disaster Information

Information for Fire

19.火災情報(かさい じょうほう) Fire Information

20.火災警報(かさい けいほう) Fire Warning

Other Emergency Information

21.防犯情報(ぼうはん じょうほう) Crime Prevention Information

22. ※感染症情報(かんせんしょう じょうほう) Information on Infectious Diseases

  (新型コロナウイルス感染症  COVID-19)

23環境関連情報(かんきょう かんれん じょうほう) Environment-related Information

24.徘徊高齢者情報(はいかい こうれいしゃ じょうほう)                           Information on wandering elderly people

25.交通運休情報(こうつう うんきゅう じょうほう)                                      An Suspended Transport Services Information

26.水道情報(すいどう じょうほう) Water Supply Information                         

27.医療センター災害時診療情報 (いりょうセンター さいがいじ しんりょう じょうほう)             Information about Medical Treatment in case of disaster at Iwaki Medical Centre

28.その他緊急情報(そのた きんきゅう じょうほう) Other Emergency Information Caution 

What to do if you haven’t received a return mail about Registration:

 Please change your spam/junk email settings, so that you can receive emails from the "" domain.

The method for changing the spam/junk email settings differs depending on the model of mobile phone, so please refer to your phone’s instruction manual or consult with your mobile phone company.